Saturday, September 30, 2006
  Officially Married
At 10.00 o'clock in the morning of 29th September 2006, I married Yap Siew Toh. We are now officially recognised by the government of Malaysia as husband and wife.

It was a hectic morning. I was supposed to meet ST at the Thean Hou Temple at around 9.30am but my family and I ended up arriving at 9.50am due to an accident along Old Klang Road! Luckily we arrived just on time... literally on the dot.

We spent a few minutes at the commisioner of oath's office and then immediately headed of to the Registrar of Marriage office. Our queue number that morning was 2505. By the time we were there 2504 were already performing their rites. Very soon our number appeared on the LED board.

Me and ST.

My parents, me & ST and ST's parents.

We went in, the lady at the counter checked our original documents and then a few minutes later it was our turn to go into the room to take our oaths. We sat down and we were presented with our marriage certificates. There were four copies for us to sign. Two kept by us and two kept by the Registrar. After myself, ST and our witnesses completed signing the documents we proceeded to "angkat sumpah".

The happy couple.


You have a choice of having the ceremony being performed in either Mandarin or English. We chose English because my Mandarin is no good but either way the officer in charge will rush though reading the verses... not that I mind because the only important thing was for us both to say....

I do, I do!

Exchange of rings.

And that's it basically. We went back the the Commisioner of Oath's office to settle a few things and then we spent a few minutes taking a few pictures around the temple grounds but it wasn't a terribly interesting place IMHO.

Yuet Lou.

Fuk Luk Sau.

Our Chinese celestial signs. ST is a lamb while I'm a monkey.

Group picture. The small kid is Mr. Hong Hong, who appears in wAntAn productions from time to time.

My family. Joe my younger brother was the day's photographer.
Thursday, September 28, 2006
  Registration of Marriage Tomorrow!!!

A dozen roses (RM55.00).

Close up.

Tomorrow's the day. After tomorrow I can no longer fill up any forms with my marital status as single because tomorrow I'm officially (according to the government) getting married to ST. I bought a dozen roses for this occasion from a florist in Taman Kinrara. More updates tomorrow. I'm kinda nervous actually :)
Monday, September 25, 2006
  Going to China
It was the second day of Matta fair (which runs for a total of 3 days)... the plan really was to go to Korea for skiing in December but it was wayyyy over our budget. Only now do I know that the prices written on travel brochures or advertisements do not take into account flight charges and other miscellaneous costs! Something that we thought would cost us only RM2,800 per person would have ended up costing us about RM4,500 per person. That's a very big difference and sadly not one that we were willing pay.

We spoke to the sales agent from Reliance Travel (arguably the most reputable travel company in Malaysia and also the most expensive) and she suggested to us a few places that's within our budget (RM3,000 per person) and they were all in China. Not that I'm complaining but we really never intended to go to China for our honeymoon. Nevertheless I took home the brochures and did my research online. Surprisingly the tourist destinations are well documented in English and I was particularly smitten about this place called Jiuzhaigou Valley which was officially sanctioned an UNESCO World Heritage Site on 1992.

Unfortunately the Jiuzhaigou trip costs as much as the Korea trip so that was out of reach too. There were two other suggestions from the sales agent. They were Guilin and Yunnan... both of which are scenic spots but my impression is that they are nowhere near as interesting as Jiuzhaigou. So in the end we settled for a trip to Shanghai and its surrounding cities which was within our budget and something that I was enthuthiastic about. Shanghai looks like a great city and I'll be damned if I don't enjoy myself there.

We've already paid in full but the dates are not 100% confirmed. We're trying to get our trip timed in such a way that we'll be in Shanghai on the night of the New Year (western new year) countdown but I just looked up some websites and it seems that Christmas is a lot more interesting than New Years! Oh well... I'll wait for the staff from Reliance to give me a call before deciding further.

Edit: There's a trip departing on December 18th which is perfect for a Christmas countdown in Shanghai!!! I'd better discuss this with ST in the morning.
Sunday, September 03, 2006
Last Wednesday (30th August) I had to leave work early because I felt really ill. I felt uncomfortable the whole morning in the office. I was feeling weak and cold. Couldn't stand it anymore so I took off to the nearest clinic where I spent an hour for the slowpoke clinic (Clinic Medic... must remember to avoid them next time) to be done with me. The doctor was slow and unfriendly and the nurses took their god damned sweet time to dispense the medicine. All this and I paid RM58, for a simple flu case! I took my MC back to the office and took my leave. Had lunch with ST before going back home to rest.

Later that evening I met up with ST again. We had an appointment with Ivory Romance to view the photos we took the other day. I think they turned out well. Not every picture was a winner but we managed a decent selection.

Our package originally was for 21 1oR sized photos in a simple photo album without any digital touchups. However the guy who spoke to us really managed to hard sell the design album. What's a design album? Well it's basically an album in which your pictures are nicely composited by computers. Some of the effects are quite stunning. Plus they also do better touch ups for you.

I think most people opt at first for the cheaper package without design then on the day they come to view their pictures Ivory Romance throws the hook with bait attached. The bait here is quite interesting. They take a few of your pictures and create rough mockups of the design album for you. I don't know if the other couples that day got pulled in but I was really attracted. Sigh...

Obviously we had to fork out additional money!!! We also upsized our room sized portraits and chose the print on canvas option so we had to pay an additional RM2,000+ for it. Is it worth the money? I hope so. We'll know when we see the "designed" pictures.

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