Saturday, August 26, 2006
  Will You Marry Me?
So when did I pop the question to ST? Well that's a secret so I'm not going to put it down on the blog but I can reveal how it happened.

It was a Saturday like any other. I would usually spend the whole day hanging out at ST's home. But there was something different that day. That day I was determined to propose to her and to do so I required the help of a diamond ring which I conveniently bought a few days before from Diamond and Platinum. It's not an expensive ring mind you but it served its purpose well.

I actually spent a few days thinking of how to go about doing it and the net was my best friend in this regards. I managed to come up with a few plans but I settled on following either one of these plans; namely the KLCC plan or the Putrajaya plan. I thought the Putrajaya plan would be the most romantic while the KLCC plan was less elaborate. However the KLCC plan was the best plan because I could get it working without arousing much suspicion.

Saturday arrived and I managed to get ST to go with me to KLCC for dinner. We had dinner at Chinoz on the Park. It was a nice romantic (and surprisingly not that expensive) dinner. She commented that it was a long time since I brought her out to a romantic dinner place. That was true of course but luckily it wasn't obvious enough that she would become suspicious.

Dinner was nearing its end and proposal time was coming. I was fairly nervous actually but I managed to put on my poker face. Things were still proceeding as planned. We didn't rush the dinner so we spent quite some time there (although I can't recall how long). After dinner was done I steeled my will and coaxed ST to follow me to the KLCC park.

As usual there were lots of people seated in front of the fountain. That was not a good place for me to propose to her because I'm a shy guy. I didn't want to make a show out of it. I wanted it to be personal, just between the two of us. That's in stark contrast to what star crossed lovers in Hollywood movies do. The guy proposes to the girl on a crowded street and when the girl agrees everyone puts on their happy face and cheers the newly engaged couple. Nope, something like that's not for me :)

Thus I decided to bring her futher into the park where we could find a quiet spot and just sit down. I pulled her into the park and a short distance later I saw a lady guard ushering people out from the park. Shit! I had absolutely no idea that the park closed at 10.00pm. Immediately my heart sank... the plan was disrupted. But it was not over! The show had to go on.

I pulled ST to the Convention Center part of the park. I remembered that there was a beautiful verandah over there with lots of creeper plants on the roof. That would have been a good spot to pop the question too. Unfortunately that area was out of bounds too. Stupid guards!

At this point in time I was running out of ideas so I just told ST that I was tired and wanted to sit down and rest. So we did. The both of us sat on the sidewalk of the Convention Center building. There wasn't much privacy with lots of people walking past us (mostly Arab tourists) but there aren't any other places in KL we could go to that would be safe at this time so we had to make do.

Dua Jagung.

Actually the spot we were at wasn't bad at all. We looked up and we could see the twin jagungs looking down on us. Those towers are really beautiful at night. I made small talk with ST. I can't quite remember what we talked about. Halfway through our conversation, I put my head close to hers. My face was brushing her hair. I quietly whispered in her left ear. I said to her "will you marry me?".

She was stunned when I took a box containing the ring and placed it gently on her hands. She opened it up and I could see her glowing. She was very very surprised and obviously very very happy. That made my day. It didn't take very long for me to see tears stream from her eyes. I didn't expect her to get so emotional. Strangely for the first time in my life, I'm glad that I made her cry.

At this point although she hasn't actually said "yes", the answer was obvious. However being the insecure person that I was I asked her just to be sure :) The answer was as expected; YES!
Sunday, August 20, 2006
  Took Wedding Pictures at Ivory Romance Today
Wow... me and ST were at Ivory Romance today to take our wedding photos and the session lasted from 9.30am to 8.00pm! That's about 10 hours of makeup and posing for photos but mostly we spent it sitting in the dressing room waiting for the other couple to finish taking their photos so that we could move on.

Our photographer today was Ah Dee and her helper Fan Cheong. Our makeup artist was a guy named Risley or something like that. Notice anything funny (other than the names)? Yup, our photographer was a woman while our makeup artist was a man. Usually it's the other way round but I thought they were pretty good so no complaints there. However we'll only know the final results when we see the pictures sometime next week.

We started the photo taking session by going to their penthouse (which was located in another building nearby) and it was freaking hot. I sweated so much that Fan Cheong had to keep wiping the sweat off my face but I wasn't the only one sweating, Fan Cheong used as many tissues as I did for himself. There was another couple there at the same time too the groom sweated so much you could see many sweat drops dripping off his chin.

After that it was much better because we only had to take our pictures in their cool air conditioned studio. Thank goodness we didn't choose to go outdoor to take our pictures, I might have fainted. There's a good reason why you don't see people wearing coats in Malaysia, it's just not practical.

I managed to sneak a few photos with my trusty K750i while no one noticed. Here's one of ST in her purple night gown.

ST in purple night gown.

I have never ever seen ST with so much makeup on her before. While I still think she looks best without makeup I think she looks absolutely stunning with make up on. In fact when I first saw here all made up I think my heart skipped a beat. Anyways make up is really damaging to the skin... it's best that she does without them.

After we were done we headed over to Hang Kee nearby to have their famous wantan mee. ST still had her makeup on and she looked absolutely radiant.


After spending quite a bit over Rm3,000 on the pictures I hope they turn out great.
  What is Together!?
Together! is my personal blog for my wedding with ST. It'll probably be used to mark some milestones for our wedding and probably our life together. For all other stuff, it'll be in wAntAn productions. From time to time I'll probably publish some of our wedding plans. I planned to start this blog earlier but I didn't because I was lazy :) However, I'm going to try harder now. Hope everything goes well.

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